The magic GO! water bottle that saves the planet – Review

Few months ago, I had the opportunity to meet Kyle, the Water-To-Go Marketing Manager at the London Destination Show and to learn a bit more about this water bottle revolution : a water filtration system bottle! You might have heard about those new bottles for some time as they are now everywhere, in many different shapes and colours, brands and type of use.

Well actually, it's not magic, it's only carbon and other filtration ingredients but it has been tested worldwide!

As a sportaholic, adventure seeker and world traveller, I literally had to try the Water-To-Go bottle. Well, it had become a travel essential from now on!

My bottle is the 50cl Black one, but there are so many other colours you can choose! You have a large range of choice online but also everywhere in the UK in some travel and outdoors shops such as Stanfords, Blacks, GO Outdoors, Millets and many others (even Boots!).

Find here is a small review of my experience with this bottle and a quick explanation of how it works.


What I like about my GO! water bottle


    • Super handy! I literally take my bottle everywhere, it fits in each of my bags and purses, it's light, and it has a great grip for holding it.


    • Easy to set up! The filter lasts 3 months and you can find a small timestrip to place through the plastic membrane that helps you to know when you have to change the filter.


    • Competitive price! A 50cl bottle costs £12,99, new filter costs £7,99 and a 75cl bottle is £24,99. For a reusable bottle, I think you get your money's worth.


    • It takes care of your heath! It removes all the chemicals found in tap water, stop viruses and bacteria, and is BPA-free (the chemical of the commercial plastic bottles). Drink healthy! (Find more information on here)


    • It saves the planet! You'll stop buying and throwing plastic bottles and you'll contribute to solving many globalisation issues: This initiative taught me that plastic takes 500 years to degrade, millions of bottles end up in the ocean and landfills, and thousands and thousands of litre of oil are used to ship those bottles 'til your supermarket! (Find more alarming facts on here)


In short, it is perfect for hiking, camping, walking around a city, commuting, perfect for all your adventure, travel and journey, gym and fitness session!

It is also very easy to set up and use. Place the timestrip, submerge the filter of water by turning the bottle upside down at first for some minutes, and drink safe!

Make sure you only fill water up. I once tried to flavor my water with a slice of lemon and it is fine, but keep it as natural as possible in order to let the filter work properly and not to damage it. Try home before taking it for a trip or an adventure, and read the instructions online carefully 🙂

Hope you'll enjoy your bottle as I enjoy mine! Let me know if you have ever tried it, and give me your feedback below!



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