Travelling to France ? The best apps & websites you need to use !

You've been dreaming to travel across France ? Or you've already been here but want to discover the country on a budget ? Well, you're on the right post !

As a Frenchie, let me give you some of my tips to get around easy and what are the best apps to use, so you can travel more and well !


Blablacar is a carshare platform. It's the fastest and cheapest way to get around France. One can post any trip they're doing and you just have to join! It literally helps drivers to pay gas fees off as well as having some company while it helps you reach a city quickly if you're on a budget. You can literally find trips from and to pretty much everywhere and it's an amazing way to meet locals ! Most of drivers are generally flexibles and wouldn't mind



Sncf et Ouigo

SNCF is the French National railway. On OUI SNCF  you'll literaly find all the trains running in France and you can buy you tickets directly from the website. On OUIGO, you'll have all the cheapest high-speed trains operated by the SNCF, it's a goldmine at off-peak periods !

ENGLISH VERSION : YES, and MANY MORE on OUI SNCF. Only French version on OUIGO.


Flixbus & Blablabus

They are the 'National Express' of France ! Find all the journeys by coach across France and Europe on Flixbus  and Blablabus , way cheaper than train tickets but obviously slower.


Gamping is a brilliant french website on which you can rent a spot to camp ! Well, basically the Airbnb of the campsite. People rent their yard at a small price a night so you have a space to put you tent and I guess you can even share great moments with the local if they're up to ! It's a great ideas if you want to discover the area, get tips by the locals and live you adventure in the nature. Some of the ads are even including unusual sleeping accommodations so you don't have to bring your tent : treehouses, bubbles, natural lodges, tipi and yurts..

ENGLISH VERSION : Unfortunately not


I knowwww how famous La Fourchette (The Fork) is but it's obviously a MUST HAVE when travelling. Just type in the kind of food you want to eat tonight, find the best restaurant in town and get deals on the menus, it's that simple !


It's a short list of apps and website I have been using for years and of course let me know if you have more to add here !
I hope it can help you enjoy travelling across France if it's your first time here !
All the best,


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